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QianDao Lake Tour

    On the early morning of 13th, June, 2012, 100 JianDa’s staff got on two buses beginning their 2-day-journey to go sightseeing in Yaolin Wonderland and Qiandao Lake, both located in Zhejiang province.

    The first stop is Yaolin Wonderland, an amazing cave inside of which is full of wonderful scenes, all the colored light and marvelous design make it a impressive and wonderful place to go.

    We arrived Qiandao Lake the second day, “Qian” means “thousand” while “dao” means “island”. Qiandao Lake is also a fabulous place of interest, it’s a lake with crystal clear water in which scatter more than 1,000 islands, if overlooking the islands, they look like stars that are scattered all over the clear blue sky.

    See below our photographic in QianDao Lake:

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