Brand Story

1. Strengthening enterprise by Brand – The core of JianDa’s Strategy

    Brand competence is core competence of an enterprises; JianDa’s development history is full of footsteps of its brand growth. With brand rising, we rise; with brand declining, we decline. Meanwhile, JianDa’s Brand Strategy is also to implement the concept of “Brand Foster for  People’s Health”.

    To implement our brand strategy, we have to stick with “Strengthen JianDa, Enhance JianHuiLing, Stabilize Zhuangsheng”, and improve our brand structure, occupy high-end market, continuously focus resources to our 2 core brands-JianDa and JianHuiLing,increase Jianda Brand’s competence effectively.

    Our aim is to create a world-famous brand.  We have to concentrate on our brand strategy,  taking it as the center of our work and continuously work on it.

2. Consolidating base by Power----the Guarantee of JianDa’s Strategy

    Our power includes Hard Power and Soft Power, Hard power indicates those we can see, including raw material, workshop and equipments, etc; while Soft Power indicates those non-physical factors including enterprise culture and comprehensive quality of our workers, etc. Therse 2 powers are the foundation of our brand strategy, and also the guarantee for us to develop business world wide..

    These two powers have mutual relations, they support each other while restricting and coordinating each other.  Hard power is the carrier of soft power, while soft power is the invisible extension for hard power. We will value both hard power and soft power to maximise our operational efficiency.

3. Transferring internationally----The objective of JianDa’s Strategy

    Transferring internationally is a way to respond to the slogan “Keep fit everyday, be happy everyday”, “Be well-build, Live a good life” which are proposed by the General Administration of Sports,  it’s also a vital requirement when we develop to a certain extent. As a landmark enterprise in Fitness and Sports market, we have completed the transfer from local market to domestic market; our next step is to transfer from domestic to global market.

    Although it will not be smooth on our way to internationalization, JianDa will be brave enough to move forward while struggling, grow up during exploration and harvest happiness while accomplishing.  We will make arduous efforts for human health!